Exterior Picket Railings


Railing, guard height of 1070 minimum, picket style exterior railing.


All railings are constructed using high quality aluminium. Many different colours and anodizing options are available upon request. Including:

  • Duracron (AAMA Type 2603)
  • Acrynar (Type 2604)
  • Duranar (Type 2605)
  • Clear Anodization (AAMA class I 18um)


  • All railing sections have a customizable height, minimum of 1070mm, and can be easily installed to suit your needs.
  • All railing systems are self-supporting.
  • The system is also available with 90, 45 and 22.5 degree corners.
  • All railings are made in high quality aluminum.
  • All railings are non-climbable in reference to Ontario Building Code.
  • Many different colours and anodizing options are available upon request
  • All railing styles can be fastened to many in numerable fashions to suit site requirements.
  • Picket Railings can be used as safety railings for rooftop purposes as required by code.
  • Picket style railings combine a professional look with a safe railing system.
  • Simple, rigid design with portable fastening system

Generic shop drawings, stamped by an engineer, are available upon request.

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