Cahill Railings is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality architectural aluminum guard rails and privacy screen products based in the National Capital of Canada.

Since our humble beginning in 1989, we have strived to maintain our dedication to quality innovation and integrity. For the past 24 years we have worked, designing new products to suit needs as well accommodate code requirements. During this time we have maintained a reputation as one of Ottawa’s best railings suppliers. During this time we have also become known for our workmanship and impeccable customer service.

Thanks to continued business, primarily in and around the Ottawa region, we have recently been able to introduce 4 new products to our Railings and Privacy Screen line-up. All of the railings in our new line have been tested based on pre-engineered specifications to resist code specified wind loads, as well as giving a fresh visual look to the railing system. Engineered approval may be required at time of tender for custom applications.

Our manufacturing plant is located just outside of the city centre and here, we have designed our own railing systems to give a new look to the buildings. Not only can our railing systems add a glazing element to the exterior face of balconies, they also comply with new Glazing in Guards SB-13 code requirements as well.

With help from our dedicated staff we will provide; attention to detail, project support, customer satisfaction and a quality product.