As manufacturers of architectural aluminium railings and Privacy Screens, we strive to produce the highest quality products.

Railings and privacy screens can be mounted in a variety of ways to suit your
needs. All railings are constructed with extruded aluminium sections of 6063-T5
Alloy, except posts which are constructed with 6061-T6 Alloy.

The following aluminium finishes are available and each offers its own benefit:

  • Clear Anodized finish (AA-A41 class 1 -18µM) OR (AA-A31 class 2 - 10µm)
  • Alumanodic II electrolytic anodized (AA-A44 class 1 18µm) (Standard Bronze) (Light Bronze) (Black)
  • Thermosetting fluoropolymer coating (AAMA 605.2) (colour to match color reference number provided)

Manufactured glazing units with numerous options such as; Tempered, Heat Soaked, Laminated (if required), Tinting, Ceramic Fritting, Silicone Painting.

Standard glazing thickness and coating varies based on location from outer edge of building face.

Complies with National building code in regards to railing styles for commercial applications.